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  4. Was anyone else really bothered by the depiction of the Amazonians? Because I facepalmed when they walked in. Skimpy tribal outfits, face paint, feathers, and freaking TRIBAL DRUMS? Seriously? AND THEN THEY DID IT AGAIN WITH THE HALF-VAMPIRE AND HIS AUNT. Did they not realise how stupid it looked for these guys to be wandering around a snow-covered field in sandals?

  5. "And what about the pathetic contribution to modern science of Spain, Portugal and Southern Italy or Greece of late ? Was it due to the infusion of low I.Q. Arab blood?"Why the decline of the wasps in America. Did they mix too much with blacks and American Indians? Funny, Jews got semitic blood but beat everyone.

  6. Hello ZekiGlad I reminded you of an old favorite.To answer your questions: fresh nana is better iF you can find it but if you can’t I would go with 1/2 to 2/3 teaspoon dried.I have never heard of or tried koosa bil khal but it sounds mouth watering good. I will give it a try the next time I buy Koosa, thank you for sharing the recipe

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  8. You are welcome Robin! I see that the wiggly tree of yours that I like so much has found a home. And… seeing as chartreuse seems to be in all three photos, I’m wondering if it will show up elsewhere too — perhaps a green and grey polyptych?!

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  18. Aww. What a sad feeling. I guess, though, you could look at it as a bonding moment between your guys. A guys day, as it is. Take the peace and quiet as a time to recharge your batteries so you’ll be ready for the next parenting adventure!

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  27. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve never heard of Cedar Point, and it looks AMAZING, but watching that video nearly gave me a heart attack! I would have loved that ride when I was younger, but I think every last ounce of bravery I had was sucked out of me when I had my babies! Looks like an exciting family trip, and a great quote to go with it! PS – I agree, while we may not have as much time for our pups, our kids definitely make up for it!

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  32. Hoi Elise,Mooi en indrukwekkend zo’n safari, zeker nadat je dit nu zelf hebt gezien en ervaren. Ben zeer benieuwd naar je bevindingen en foto’s. Morgen weer een nieuwe mooie en/of spannende dag in de zwarte kerk, gewoon lekker meeswingen en zingen. En nog even dit, geloof je zus niet in alles. kusjes pa XXx

  33. leonie brennan clarke — Great to see such a happy couple enjoying their special day – It just seems like the other day that Tom and family were in Donald at Walker St with their Grandparents Dick and Noreen my how the days and years fly – Great photos and the Aunties sound as though they had a great time. Cheers Leonie

  34. Agosto / Penso che Happy Town non è sempre la critica che merita. Per me, gli elementi della storia che lo compongono sono fantastici. Se non si prendono da TP, è una storia appassionante mistero. Più di umorismo niente Lynch, mi ricorda di dire come loftcraftiana Carpenter. Spero davvero di ritirarsi e continuare le riprese. Il cast, la storia e la direzione meritano una 2a stagione.

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  36. I agree with you about Lisa, J. She needed to go. And you’re right, I was like you in school with good grades and presentations…having that come fairly naturally does make it hard to understand the inability to memorize lines and get through a commercial.Thanks so much for sharing your comments!:)

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  42. So glad we met up on Saturday! It was rather like playing ‘musical chairs’…flitting between book signings. And after you drove for hours…I wouldn’t have wanted to miss you!I’m smiling at your comment about Marg…and will make sure she heads over here to see your post! Too funny.

  43. Jealous of the fact that you had tea with Zandra Rhodes — this is such a delicious, coulourful, bold outfit. I only wish I'd ever be brave enough to wear this at any point during my life — because it is not only a style statement, it's a statement about character and not being afraid to be yourself.I love her style tips, proves what a character she is and I also sleep with my make-up on, but mainly because I'm too lazy to take it off at night. 🙂

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  46. If 99% of African Americans vote for “O”, is that a sign of Racism? If 99% of European Extraction Americans vote for “M” is that a sign of Racism? If 99% of Gays vote for Barney Frank what type of “ism” is that? Hard to keep score anymore? Mormonism is definately out, ala Romney, in a Country founded on Religious Tolerance. Very Confusing. It would appear that the more Laws we enact, the less Freedom we enjoy. Probably because >50% of all elected official are Lawyers. That means > 50% of the population needs to get Law Degrees so that our leaders adequately represent the backrounds of the Public.

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  53. You guys are all missing the point. We don’t need different denominations, we just need Jesus. He died on the cross for OUR sins. If u think in heaven there is goin to be a sign sayin “catholic” or” baptist” or”non-denominational” u got it all wrong. There’s only one Jesus? one lord one savior one alpha and omega one Adonai, one Yahweh. Y do we make it harder than it needs to be???

  54. Hola perros, gracias x alegrarme el dia!!!!!Soy hermano no de sangre pero si del corazon de Leo el chico q hablo primero q llego ayer a bcn, el miercoles a la noche lo fui a despedir a ezeiza y hoy escucharlo desde bcn mandando sldos me partio al medio, se me cayeron un par lagrimas, muchas gracias!!!!!Les queria pedir si hay alguna posibilidad de bajarme el videito p/ tenerlo de recuerdo, gracias, los escucho todos los dias, son unos fenomenos!!!!!! Aguante perros!!!!!!!

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  62. The same thing happened to me, and I imagine it happened to many other people– apparently they changed the criteria. It’s kind of disappointing. It felt like such an accomplishment to move up in status, and be on the road to becoming a respected pus lover. Having it all snatched away in an instant is definitely disconcerting, and frankly it hurt my feelings (yes, I’m deliberately being melodramatic). Anyway, your not alone in your distress, MotherEruption.

  63. My thoughts put into words that actually MAKE SENSE. It seems you’re not the only one who thinks this way. My sisters and I discuss this quite often. I read an article somewhere that will reveal that you’re not alone in this thinking. It actually seems to be a trend with our generation of “christian evangelicals” who were generally raised “in the church.”

  64. Dear Angie — Once again you leave me speechless with your talent and your boundless creativity.I have never made a swiss roll but if I were too I'll use your recipe. Just need to amp up my confidence a bit.Love the addition of the seaweed. Beautiful textures and visual variety in the roll. You can actually see how moist that roll is.FANTASTIC!Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

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