Көненә ничә сәгать эшлисез?


Төрле илләрдә эш вакытына төрле караш. Мәсәлән, Францияда 35 сәгаттә бөтен нәрсәне эшләп булә дип әйтәләр, ә менә Колумбияда яшәүче кешеләргә 48 сәгатьтә җитми.

Без сезнең ихтибарыгызга 15 ильнең бер атнага эш дәвамлылыгын карап китергә тәкъдим итәбез.










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  147. Of course, people like Wright would argue that the hostility to Muslims in Western-Europe is highest among those who have the least amount of contact with them. I live in the Netherlands, a country where anti-Muslim feelings run pretty high if judged by the succes of Geert Wilders. It is true that the support for him is highest in the regions where there has been relatively little immigration.So eventhough it may seem Europeans have more contact with Muslims than Americans, those who feel most strongly against them are less likely to have contact with them.

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  165. I owe you a letter, and I will certainly get you one this month. I’d love to have one from you, though, too. I’m going to do everything I can to support the USPS this year (which means you might even get more than one letter from me!).

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