Хайваннар турында 10 кызыклы факт


1. Страус йомыркасын 40 минут пешерергә кирәк


2. Юлбарысның йоны генә түгел , ә тиресе дә җуйлы


3. Иң зур йөрәк һәм иң зур кан басымы жирафта


4. Китның йөрәк тибеше әкрен — минутына 9 тапкыр


5. Борынгы Мисырда коңгызны түгел , ә  су үгезен корткыч дип санаганнар


6. Дөньяда колибриның 321 төре бар


7. Чебеннeң гомер дәвамлыгы бары тик 14 көн


8. Жираф теленең озынлыгы ярты метр

giraffe 2

9. Яңа Зеландиядә 4 миллион кеше һәм 70 миллион сарык яши


10. Игуана су астында 28 минутка кадәр тора ала 


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  2. Amo esta pelicula es genial.. adoro que no se besasn ni una sola vez en toda le pelicuala eso estubo genial ayuda a mantener el romance a todo lo que da… gracias por suvir las frases.. leerlas me recuerda cada una de las pertes de la pelicla la amo…

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  5. Hey sandy!….have been following your blog for a while now…..wanted you to know i just love what u write…..you've been an inspiration to me in many ways……Loves this one in particular…all the best for your days ahead and congtz on getting what u wanted….am proud of u sis 🙂

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  35. sounds like you are having fun, as always!! I don't know how you are still running up Green mtn but its not surprising knowing you. Its not like I can run up mt Massive anymore. I don't enjoy winter as well. Now that I am back in Leadville its hard to find a place to go for a long run. Good to hear from you, keep those post coming.

  36. Schneider, I guess you’ll have to write one! It’ll be fun, you can pretend to be some ancient, old archeologist. Reply:January 17th, 2011 at 11:55 pmToo funny, Wendy. I’m already old, so all I’d need to fake was the archeologist part.

  37. The first time, I was lucky and could choose my style. I went with an empire waist chiffon that suited the bump pretty well. This summer, we all have to wear the same dress, and it’s not super-bump friendly. Since I’ll be 34 weeks, I ordered extra fabric from the designer (Alfred Angelo, I think) when I ordered the dress and a seamstress is going to help me makeover the dress two weeks before the wedding.

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  39. Yo también solía ver el History Channel, y es una pena en lo que se ha convertido. De hecho hace poco vi un capitulo de South Park donde parodiaban este canal metiendo a extraterrestres en cualquier parte historica porque en ningun lado decia que NO habían extraterrestres.

  40. Jesus, I muffed that name (and got the wrong guy in one sentence). Hubert Selby, Jr.’s (Last Exit to Brooklyn) is who and what I was thinking. I’m reviewing it at my place in a few days. GREAT writing. I already ordered a few more of Goodis’ works.

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  43. Det er godt du har et godt selvbilde Sandra, og ikke lar dette påvirke deg. Du vet jo det er tull uansett. Og jeg er glad du velger å ta det opp, Og som et råd til jenta på 13, ikke tro på det andre skriver til deg. Folk er fæle i munn fordi de enten er sjalu eller har det fælt selv (og trenger å få andre til å føle seg dårlig også). Det kommer fra sjalusi og misunnelse.

  44. From the article: «(How could I even afford it? Do they have comics in libraries?)»Yes. Most do, anyways. And since everything these days is geared towards collecting in trade paperback form a few months down the road, most of the books are one or two arcs long and easy enough to jump in and out of with minimal confusion.It’s really helped me drag myself back into something resembling current comic knowledge. Although I don’t think I like DC’s New 52 any better in bound form than I do in the individual issues I’ve read.

  45. Why is Tom Watson (member of Searchlight, look it up, and Harry Bidney) being used as the announcement mouthpiece? Of course there is a paedophile ring in Parliament! We Pindown survivors/whistleblowers/honest bloggers all know that! What I would like to know is why Tom Watson is being elevated as some sort of person who gives a damn about child abuse, and why people are forgetting his links with Searchlight and also that other MP he used to share a flat with.

  46. That is so interesting Nicola, loved to read about this side of history. I was down there in September – just nearer to Cardigan but we slipped in and out of Pembrokshire. It is a mystical land and I am so glad you had a lovely holiday there.

  47. Quel coup de bol : j’étais sûre qu’en cuisinant comme ça tu devais avoir un blog et je l’ai trouvé !Je voudrais d’abord te féliciter pour ton passage sur M6. J’ai trouvé le menu fabuleux et, pour ne rien gâcher, tu as vraiment l’air très sympa !J’attends le dénouement avec impatience et repasserai sûrement te piquer des recettes !Encore Bravo ^_^

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  55. Such a lovely dress, perfect for the sunny weather and India! Thanks for the tip-off about the book — finished White Tiger last week so looking for something new to get my teeth into (despite the huge pile of Gabriel Garcia Marquez I still have!)

  56. He also apparently doesn't understand that Darwin wasn't right about everything and that he wasn't some sort of infallible rabbi.So now, in an effort to salvage Salterism's incoherent and logically anti-evolutionary and anti-eugenic reason for racialism, the Salterians have descended to comparing Holy Charles Darwin to a filthy Jewish rabbi

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  60. Haha! Du vet att du för precis samma tankegångar nu ang att bli rödhårig som när du funderade på att bli mörkhårig? Och hur bra blev det inte med mörkt hår?Bah, kör bara, håret växer ju dessutom ut så småningom, om det nu skulle se ut som fan

  61. No you didn’t. I hate Bush and I hate idiots who message the worng person. Please write back quoting what I wrote that makes me right wing.If its because I don’t support Obama the president because he is right wing and has extended the patriot act and tax cuts, then I am not your kind of fake “liberal”.im a progressive who believes in social justice, getting corporate control out of government, and debating right wing trolls like yourself who likes to screw with people

  62. Oh Rajen I agree with your last comment. The Kajol factor is sometimes underplayed. Fanaa was successful due to the unique casting IMO. Without Kajol I only think a Madhuri return or Aishwariya casting could have had the same huge impact. Rani/Preity at a slightly lower level IMO. Also – I think Saif is the best presenter period. The guy is just too funny.

  63. disse:Maria do Carmo, é que antes a visita aos jardins era gratuita. Realmente, hoje em dia eles estão cobrando. O preço da visita aos jardins, em novembro de 2011, era 7 euros. Pra quem nunca foi, acho que vale a pena. Pelo menos, rende fotos belissimas!!! =)

  64. Syng jeg ikke tenkte pÃ¥ Kapp da det var K, men det blir kanskje nye muligheter 😉 NÃ¥ fikk jeg en ide forresten, kanskje nÃ¥r vi kommer til U, vent og se….Jeg har brukt PhotoScape v3.3 og rammer Cali 11 og 12. Enkelt og greit.Over helga skal jeg passe postkassa med falkeblikk. Det morsomt med noe annet enn regninger i den boksen.

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  156. Derek Smith is a great addition for Lifetime. He is a real AMERICAN Man’s man which is hard to find these days. Why do you think we always get the Aussies and Brits taking all the jobs?Hollywood guys act like ladies. Congrats to Derek!

  157. Matthew 25…The Kingdom is LIKEND…the kingdom compared to… this is what the church does…deals with behaviours…good and bad virgins…No bride wants a 1/10 share of a husband.Later in Matthew 25… The Kingdom IS a man on a journey.Same thing happened when Jesus was in the temple. Everyone was all for the message until He reminded them that God called Abraham alone. Then they wanted to stone Him.

  158. Tanken er sød, men det er ikke særlig gennemtænkt at vise neglelakker frem, i en B/W (sort/hvid) video… Og det ville ogsÃ¥ være godt hvs du en anden gang kunne sige hvor tingene er fra… AltsÃ¥ “København” er en meget bred butik, hvis du forstÃ¥r? Ellers super fed blog! Skru dog lidt ned pÃ¥ mængden af billeder… 34 er mÃ¥ske lidt i overkanten.

  159. Dear Terri, I have one questiion which I hope you can help me out. I am going through your roasted turkey recipe and I notice you mentioned that the turkey be placed in a pan and to add 1.5 cm of water to the pan. Doesn't this make the turkey and the stuffings placed at the sides to be "swimming" in a shallow pool of water? Hope you can help. Thanks

  160. Me alegra la derrota de este gobierno, pero creo que Felipe no va descaminado al decir que hay que encontrar un punto de equilibrio.Lo que sucede es que esta Sinde pretendía ponerlo "manu militari" y eso es inadmisible.Saludos

  161. Bonjour,je découvre votre prix NRP avec intérêt et j’aimerais savoir s’il a lieu tous les ans et si tout le monde peut faire partie de ce jury.Je connais quelques uns de ces romans et effectivement ce sont de très bons romans.

  162. I’ve been to two funerals in as many days, and tomorrow will be filled with Remembrance Day rites. Reading this last post, Mary Ann, reminded me of the Buddist saying to carry death lightly upon one’s shoulders. Your father seems to have known this secret and I think it helped him to comfort the grieving family and friends. This, to my mind, was not only compassion, but ministry. Your parents were remarkable people.

  163. Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving, Roslyn. And I’m glad Jack and Lee Anne spent the day with Fanester and Aunt Joan. We had a nice Thanksgiving up at Penny and Ernie’s. I was thinking about y’all.God has blessed all of us in so many ways. My heart feels so full. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your blog. There’s always something interestingto read!love, Peggy

  164. Stunning! How fantastic to see the fruit growing like weeds; so exotic and lush. Not so sure I'd like to come across the snakes tho! Alan Moore, who lives in Northampton, apparently worships snake gods. Each to their own, eh? Beautiful homes, with amazing settings. And wonderful food too.You look so cute in plaits! Good to have you back!Z xx

  165. I’m not going to start a war on someone elses blog, but apparently «redmaize» you have neglected to see who Anton has run against during his races. If he shys away from competition then why is going back to WS to run against what will most likely be the strongest field «ever». And by the way, I not sure many runners out there could run with the likes of Uli or Carpenter. They are who they are.

  166. I find it ironic that we are being asked to separate his cricketing journalism from his private life and previous criminal convivtions, in the same week that 3 high profile cricketers were lambasted for their indescretions fuelled by greed.If I were to have to spend time with one or the other – I would have to ask. ‘Do I feel comfortable with a sexual predator – who happens to write mesmerically about cricket’ or ”Do I feel comfortable with a cricketer who can mesmerise opponents with the ball, but doesnt mind balling a few no-balls in order to make some extra cash’For me, it’s a no brainer! A greedy cricketer over a predator!

  167. «America has a great tradition of weird cultism. From Calvinism ….»The anti-Protestantism is getting a bit much here. If you don’t like what you perceive as anit-Roman Catholicism, then don’t do hte reverse.If the puritans, who were Calvinists, had not come to America, most of you would be still be serfs or slaves to your European lords and masters. Rome would not have set yhou free.

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  169. Oh Mark Z, those pictures are great. For starters, how stupid it looks that he’s sitting on a handrail basically, all alone!I’d be willing to bet that he shows up alone, spends his time alone, trying to make friends and be Mr. Important.But in the end, he’s just a lonely, jobless loser trying to pretend that he’s a celebrity.

  170. Jeg makter ikke Ã¥ følge med sÃ¥nn rundt forbi.. men nÃ¥ ble det mulig Ã¥ lese litt hos deg igjen. Og her var det mye. Men sÃ¥ GODT Ã¥ høre de positive nyhetene! Da vil jeg bare sende sÃ¥ mange gode ønsker og tanker og hÃ¥pe det ikke tar for lang tid innen du er helt pÃ¥ høyden! Stor klem fra Anne Lise. 🙂