Дөньяда бары тик 100 кеше генә булса…


Дөньяда бары тик 100 кеше генә булса, ул дөнья нинди булыр иде? Җиһан кызыклы статистика тәкъдим итә:

Дөньяда бары тик 100 кеше генә булса, аларның 57-се Азиядән, 21-е — Аурупадан, 14-е Америка кыйтгаларыннан һәм 8-е Африкадан булыр иде. Аларның 52-се хатын-кыз, 48-е ир-ат булыр иде.

30 кеше ак булыр иде, 70 — башка раса вәкиле. 30 кеше — христиан, 23 — мөселман, ә 47 — башка дин вәкиле булыр иде.

6 кеше Җирнең 59% байлыгы хуҗасы булыр иде, һәм аларның барысы да Төньяк Америкадан булыр иде. 80 кеше исә бик фәкыйрь яшәр иде. 20 кеше укый белмәс иде, 50 — туйганчы ашый алмас иде, 1 кешенең генә югары белеме булыр иде һәм 1 кешенең генә санагы булыр иде.

Көн саен бер кеше үләр һәм 1 кеше туар иде.

Сез бүген иртүк сәламәт уянсагыз, сез атна ахырына кадәр үләчәк 1 миллион авыру кешедән бәхетлерәк.

Сез беркайчан да ачлыктан интекмәсмәгез, газаплау, төрмәгә утыру, сугышта катнашу, ялгызлыктан җафа чикмәсәгез, сез 500 миллион кешедән бәхетлерәк.

Сез үзегезнең динегезне тыныч тота алсагыз, 3 миллиард кешедән бәхетлерәк булып чыгасыз.

Сезнең суыткычта ризык булса, йоклар урыныгыз булса, киемегез булса, сез Җир шарында яшәүчеләрнең 75%-нан байрак. Банк хисабы яки берәз булса да запас акча булса, сез 8% бәхетле кешеләр санына керәсез.

Сезнең әти-әниегез исән булса, һәм аерылмаган булса, сез — бик сирәк бәхетлеләр исемлегендә.

Сез бу мәгълүматны үзегез укысагыз, сез 800 миллион укый белмәгән кеше исемлегенә кермисез.

Булганның кадерен белегез!

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  1. I think you're right about communication. Follow through comes down to expectations, of self and of others–all participants have to be able to clearly articulate their needs, wants, desires and expectations. It can be especially difficult to explain when one of the parties isn't being clear. Accountability — being held to your word — can get to be very complicated when you have to factor in other people's interpretations of what was agreed to… I say, communicate, do what you say you'll do. Then communicate again about how it went. The feedback loop gets to be important.

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  4. Wow Katharina,na die Herausforderung ist Dir aber sehr gut gelungen.Die Karte sieht echt hammermäig aus und durch den Glitzer und die verschiedenen Stanzen richtig edel.Ach ja Dein Nagellack sieht aber auch klasse aus.*hihi*Liebe GrüßeAngela

  5. Digli, da parte mia, che chi si comporta in questo modo è un piccolo imbecille arrogante. Fai pure il mio nome e cognome. Se preferisce, glielo posso dire anche di persona. E con molto piacere. Non ce n'è stato bisogno, Paolo, finalmente si è convinto! 🙂

  6. JR: If WISHES were FISHES, the world would be an ocean!In what might be more embarrassing than my JoMo avatar, I actually quite like Kelly Kelly. I remember her being pretty decent at getting murdered by the Glamazon, so this thing with Kharma has me pretty interested.

  7. C’est vrai ça pour Del Po, je me disais bien hier qu’il était moins moche qu’avant ! C’est fait pour Roger, 6/0 6/2, 30W/19UE, 80% de points gagnés derrière sa deuxième balle. Et un joli passing de revers sur balle de match.D’un autre côté match catastrophique de Chela : 3W/19UE… Une demi Gulbis.

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  9. And his biggest achievement in Congo was teaching countless cannibals (literally) how to fire AKs (he did not teach them how to aim). Interestingly enough, even these cannibal fighters were repulsed by his exceptionally strong body odor.

  10. «This post is not about poor choices or poor training. It’s deliberately implying that the act was heinously and deliberately cruel, rather than unintentionally so.»While I am a firm believe in the «never ascribe to malice what can be ascribed to incompetence» line of thinking, at a certain point one is warranted in thinking that the incompetence would be so great as to stretch the bounds of that credulity. You see nothing that makes you say it must be cruelty, Patrick sees no other explanation that makes sense. Your only other scenario stretches the bounds of plausibility.

  11. I couldn’t wait to hear from you this morning. It looks like the backlash of Sandy might be snow – in feet – for those of us along the western edges. Yikes. My husband tried to weather proof the cabin in Bland yesterday. Hopefully the worst has passed for you and all is well.

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  21. against the Vietnam war helped to establish the reputation of the NYR in the 1960′s and early 1970′s, but Chomsky has been blacklisted by the NYRB for the last 40-odd years. Which tell you all you need to know about the NYR.Chomsky was “prematurely critical” of Israel, and he criticized not just the Israeli right wing (Begin and Sharon), but also criticized the labor Zionists who ran Israel from 1948 until 1977.All of which established Chomsky as “too radical”.NYR preferred Bernard Avishai and Tony Judt instead of Chomsky.

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  35. More regulations, more legislation, blah blah blah blah.MAYBE all these people that wanted ocean front views should have taken a minute and thought of the consequences of living so close to the shore. They are playing Russian Roulette with Mother Nature. And, the people that choose to live BELOW SEA LEVEL in Louisianna and then are surprised when they get wiped out in a hurricane prone area boggle the mind.Too bad we can’t regulate and legislate common sense.And the solution to global warming – ADAPT.

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  38. So when do the civil rights lawsuits begin? Have the multi-cultural commissars demanded the right to vet the local school curriculums yet? Will they have a Gay Pride parade anytime soon? Is section 8 housing on it's way ? We can't let any white, Christian enclave get away with being, well, white and Christian. Let the social engineering begin.

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  40. Shellhead, come on. Really? Dexter toys + Happy Meals + Hyperactive Media ==> Obama’s fault? Jason, I do agree with you. People worry too much and they do overprotect too much. It’s pathetic, and I’ve been personally affected by it more than once. It’s freakish.

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  42. Regarding your question about how to write dicey stuff in your book about people who are still alive, I have done it in my memoir (to be published soon) by 1)writing under a pen name and 2) changing the names of all the characters in my book. But the incidents and events and statements in the story are true: they all really happened.

  43. Lines between BGs will vanish. Buckle up folks.Who else could make it happen? The retreat described in the NYT article is the antithesis of Sinofsky's style. In a Sinofsky meeting, the people at the retreat would be expected to say what they were doing together and when. Not spend time advertising to strangers the boss's way.

  44. With regard to the Giffords shooting, I guess Palin and Angle got what they wanted. Their rhetoric fomented Loughner's actions.And now Palin puts out a comment of condolences. Deep down, she condolences are insincere.

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  56. Oh, YUM!!! I have everything except the tomatoes….which I can pick up this afternoon. I love tomatoes so much that, as a teen (and now when I can find the homegrown ones) I would go out to the garden, pick one, wash it off, and eat it like an apple. Thanks and hope your weekend has been a relaxing one!

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  81. «It’s becoming obvious that educated Black women can get played, know they’re being played, and allow themselves to get played, anyway.»I’m not liking that part of your comment. To me you are generalizing. There are very few educated black women who support Clinton and the ones who do have their reasons good or bad. And as for the women of color who are working in the Clinton campaign, only their checking account, god, or their psychologist can tell us for sure as to why they are still with her. I do not think these women are being played though.

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  92. We had a guy in our church who is a mortgage broker. He only did sub prime because “that’s where the money is”. I remember that every time I hear that banks were forced to write loans to people that couldn’t afford them. Nobody would give a rat’s ass about these people if the asset didn’t take a crap.

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  103. Powerful post. When I was a chaplain at a drug & alcohol rehab center we used to have patients write some of their past story down, and then many of them chose to burn them. They gloried in the smoke and residue of paper floating off into the air, their painful thoughts and feelings floating off with them.WB

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  118. there is always classified and unclassified information given to the admins. They always use the unclassified to protect sources. Apparently that was the case here as it has always been in all previous administrations. McCain and Graham know that very well or should after all their years in Congress. Pure political posturing on their part. And doubly despicable light of the deaths of four Americans.

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