«Син эшләгән эшләрең сиңа ук кайтыр»..


Бу кагыйдәгә чынбарлыктан бер дәлил:

20 гасыр башында бер шотланд игенчесе өенә кайта иде. Сазлык янында узганда, ул ярдәм сораган кычкыруны ишеткән. Шул якка йөгергәч, игенче сазлыктан чыгарга тырышкан егетне күргән. Игенче бер агач кисәген алып, аны егеткә сузган, аңа чыгарга ярдәм иткән. Шуннан калтыраган егетне өенә чакырган.

— Юк-юк, — дигән егет. — Мине өйдә әтием көтә, ул борчыладыр.

Рәхмәтен әйтеп, егет йөгереп киткән. Киләсе көннең иртәсендә исә игенче йорты янына бай карета килеп җиткән. Аннан яхшы гына киенгән джентельмен чыгып, игенчегә карап:

— Кичә минем улымның сез коткардыгызмы? — дип сораган.

— Әйе, мин. — дигән игенче.

— Мин сезгә күпме акча тиешмен?

— Мине мыскылламагыз зинһар. Мин һәр кеше эшләргә тиешне эшләдем. Сез миңа берни тиеш түгел.

— Мин улымның коткаручысына рәхмәтемне күрсәтергә тиешмен. Теләсә нинди сумманы атагыз.

— Бүтән бу темага сөйләшәсе килми. Сау булыгыз, — дип игенче борылган иде, тик ишек алдына аның улы чыккан булган.

— Бу сезнең улыгызмы? — дип сораган джентельмен.

— Әйе, — дип горур җавап биргән игенче.

— Шулай эшлик: мин улыгызны үзем белән Лондонга алып китәрмен. Анда аның сыйфатлы укуы өчен түләрмен. Әтисе кебек намуслы булган очракта, бу сезне дә, мине дә канәгатьләндерер.

Берничә ел узган. Игенче улы мәктәпне, аннары соң университетны тәмамлаган. Тиздән аның исеме бөтен дөньяга таралган, чөнки бу кеше — пенициллин ачкан Александр Флемминг.

Сугыш алдында Лондон хастаханәләрнең берсенә теге джентельменның улы эләккән. Аның бик көчле авыруы булган. Һәм аны нәрсә коткарган, беләсезме? Әйе, Александр Флемминг ачкан пенициллин.

Ул джентельменның исеме — Рандольф Черчилль. Ә аның улы — соңрак Бөекбритания премьер-министры булган Уинстон Черчилль. Еш кына аннан «Син эшләгән эшләрең сиңа ук кайтыр» дигән сүзләр чыккалый иде..

Чыннан да шулай бит! Яхшылык эшләгән кешегә — яхшылык, яманлык эшләгәннәргә исә яманлык кайта.

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  1. Este juez es justo. Al menos con una persona empobrecida, ya quisieramos más de lo mismo. Yo apostaría por reclamar a este gobierno o a cualquiera derechos económicos. No se puede aguantar que el desempleo siga en aumento y los "chupatetas UGT, CCOO" firmen aumento a la edad de jubilación. Habrá alguien que ponga justicia en esta situación???

  2. J/L — It is obvious humanity needs to regain its humanness before anything can be accomplished; on this plane and others. I think we as a species, have regressed. Constant war & violence have eroded our true spirit, along with the myriad of energy sapping and center unbalancing programs applied to all. Technology and materialism aside, what have the majority of humans accomplished in the last 200 years to advance our core of being…"beings"?

  3. Liz,Ah, excellent! We would prefer that the books just be SET in the country. So, Hemingway’s “Sun Also Rises” would work for Spain, for example. We’ll likely only be in Vietnam long enough for a good short story, so we might not take up novels for that country, but ya never know. The suggestions are great!Excitement builds. Had big ‘burgers tonight. Not on purpose, but the joint was oh-so-American.

  4. I am studying biology and also love the fashion world… how is bio for you? Did you get more than a 4-year degree? I am only asking because I will eventually be in the same boat once I graduate. Is there anything you wish you did in college or after it? Any advice? Wow, I really am asking a lot though. Sorry. I do love your choices of clothing though — You look totally put together EVERY day!

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  6. “It’s a tribute”.It was clearly a homage, it was billed as a homage, he makes several clear lyrical nods to Nas throughout the tape, which was free, and clearly a labor of love.This is a single. For profit. Not one word from Lupe about Pete Rock. No context given. No request for fans to check out the o.g.. And the beat was not significantly re-worked as the Elmatic joints were. Even the subject matter was changed. This just won’t sit well with the older generation in general.

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  8. Thanks Casey, and thanks to all you magnificent motley crew at LP, bloggers and commenters all. I was reet chuffed back in 2006 when Mark invited me to join the posters, and I may have wandered off from time to time but it never lasts.Congratulations to the big purple blog, long may she reign.

  9. , he hasn’t even practiced yet so his shooting and free throws will come. Adelman’s task like you said is figuring out what to do at the 2. Lee just isn’t the answer. You could start Howard or Shved there but then that might be a problem especially with who is going to give AK a breather at the 3. Additionally at the 1, Luke’s defense is pitiful. I don’t know if it’s his back or whatever, but if you’re a point guard with a handle, you are going to get by him on penetration basically whenever you want. Rubio’s defense is needed for this team badly

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  11. Мои знакомые и близкие люди замучали меня вопросом «ÃÂÃ‘ƒ когда же наконец будут капать денежки, когда твой сайт начнет приносить прибыль?» А я им отвечаю «ÃÂŸÃÂ¾Ã‘‡ÐµÐ¼Ñƒ вы такие быстрые, хотите, чтобы за 4 месяца существования сайта он приносил какие-то деньги, нужно время!» Вот, действительно вирус халявы у русского народа неискореним!

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  14. At this particular season in my life, I really needed to hear this. Being in my first semester of graduate school after receiving my undergrad this past may and watching all of my friends grow up and get «big girl» jobs has made it difficult for me to find the right balance while entering adulthood. This article calmed my worried spirit. Thank you.

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  18. First they came for the unborn…I did a blog post on exactly the same issue this morning. Since when did sex become the dominating political issue in America? — above posterIn and around about 1968. The destruction of the family, European women turning on their tribe and aligning themselves with minorities and Marxists who would destroy us, sexual promiscuity, the personal is the political, etc.Emjoy.EV

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  20. Aprecio o Mao quando este é antifolclorista. Estratégia e acção são as suas características, grande Jecta.Quanto ao punk – a sua relação com a indústria cultural e a hipermediatização é ambígua e complexa, mas soube (sem procurar legitimação erudita) reactualizar o dionisíaco e as linhas libertárias de dada.O Sade aqui é um elogio. O sublime no infame é uma via estimulante, o pior é quando a mediatização toma conta do processo.

  21. Massad is a perfect example of the US left’s weakness on Israel/Palestine, compared with how successful it was a criticizing European racism. It helped end white apartheid. Jewish apartheid, not so much. If the US supported nuclear weapons because of ‘European racial privilege’, it would have given them to apartheid South Africa. But it didn’t. In fact it helped bring that regime down. It gave them to apartheid Israel, and today backs that regime more enthusiastically than it supports itself. The test is simple, the results are clear: no, it’s not European racism. It must be something else.

  22. Para mim, a cozinha italiana é a minha grande favorita entre todas as cozinhas de Europa. Aliás, é bastante parecida com a portuguesa. (ou pelo menos, usa muitos produtos similares). É simples, variada e usa muitos vegetais.Esse prato é um exemplo perfeito dessa bela simplicidade italiana onde a qualidade dos produtos faz toda a diferença. Muito bom. :-)Abraço.

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  29. Not even the High Middle Ages?You’re kidding, right? Or maybe because you see that there were saints then, you forget the sins that these saints railed against? Maybe you are forgetting, among other things, the Albigensian heresy, with its encouragement of suicide and of concubinage?

  30. Yummi 2  1Sehe nur das 1. Video (reicht mir aber auch) und da stellt sich mir sofort die Frage: Wie kann man bei den Straßen-/Wetterverhältnissen nur so heizen??Der Bursche ist viiiiiiiel zu schnell – was sich dann ja auch im Verlust der Kontrolle zeigt.Fazit: Riesig Glück gehabt – die meisten bezahlen solche Dummheit mit dem Leben (dem eigenen oder dem Anderer)….

  31. BAR:De tirar o chapéu!!!Porta10A:Não vale a pena fazer pela inversa a figura patética e calimérica dos nossos vizinhos. O golo não foi anulado, uma vez que o árbitro apitou antes da bola entrar, tal como no lance do Cardoso, que ainda os vamos ver ouvir e clamar que é uma injustiça não contar para a bola de prata. 🙂

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  34. I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis/recurrent uterine polyps and am about to start my 1st IVF cycle. I’m feeling nervous about what I’ve read about endometriosis and implantation problems. Do you think there is a link between endometriosis and implantation problems (because of some immunological response)? Do you see a lower IVF success rate in women with moderate/severe endo?

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  36. I’d also think the clothing takes something of a cue from earlier fashions, which had puffy bits here and there (not on the pants that I can recall, admittedly), and especially the way people used to have slashes in the sleeves and so on to show off the contrasting fabric underneath.On a different topic, it’s about time someone clarified what «bling» is. Going on the word’s use in advertising since my return from Prague, I wasn’t sure whether it meant money, jewelry, or what. Oh well. Sounds like it’s merely what I see on the bus every day.

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  45. Thanks TerryThats really interesting!! thanks so much for sharing the info. I have recently come across photos of people in south Kildare who gathered on a hill for Domnach na bhFraochóg, when the girls and boys would go collect billberries. This went on up to the early 1900′s but the events were cancelled by the church who didnt approve of the mixing of the sexes.

  46. Thanks for the post. This is a great scripture and one that I often use to remind myself of exactly what you and Chan are saying. I feel this scripture is a summary, of sorts, of the book of Job. Hold on to God and rejoice in who He is because even if we lose everything in this world God is still with you. And the peace you have in those moments will have others demanding an explaination….just like Job’s friends.

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