Дуслык турында көчле мультфильм


Дуслык турында көчле мультфильм!

Кыш саен Лили дусты булган Кар бабай аны могҗизалар иленә алып китә. Ләкин, вакыт узуга, Лили аны оныта башлый. Аларның дуслык ныклыгы сынау уза алырмы?

Карау мәҗбүри 🙂

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  2. …Dude, I’m totally sorry — and I totally agree with you, I don’t think I made my point very clear. I have no tolerance towards drink drivers at all, and throw the book at ’em by impounding their car immediatly. I’m all for that, my issue was that I was surprised it was so low (2%) and that there was a positive and that 98% of us aren’t fucking stupid.

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  12. DD is of course correct about the media. The government has allowed itself to get violently rogered by the media, never mind the opposition, without the hint of a fight or even a strategy for how to stage the fight.These are supposed to be experienced politicians, and they find themselves surprised, shocked and hurt to discover that they have political enemies, and these enemies don’t place nice.

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  16. Gregg is correct; the 140 is at least half brother to the Luscombe 8. Also, Cessna acquired N numbers in blocks and issued them sequentially, so, if you know the original N number you can probably figure out the serial number, which would then allow you to look the plane up by serial number, even if the N number has been changed.

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  30. Robert Munch’s ‘Love you Forever:” was my favorite book to read to my children. It made me cry every single time so the reasons for reading it have more to do with my own childhood and lack of relationship with my own parents….and it is a wonderfully loving story

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  47. Thanks! I like your video too…never heard of inkskape….might try it out. Also, one question, in a lot of your videos where you dont use your greenscreen, you have like those cool titles at the bottom of the screen that have some animation, and maybe say the persons name, what program do you make those with, those are SWEET!

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  49. Howie,Regular Americans are being had.We thought reform was coming. I heard Schumer say that we have no money so don’t expect any «meaningful » healthcare reform next year. Translated…we (Senators) get the best healthcare but «we the people»get zip.What will it take to change this? and this mortgage/credit mess we are in?Who represents us????

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  56. Oh, thank goodness, Colin. I really was worried that I’d be judged on my lack of Star Wars interest. It almost feels like my Nerd Status is at stake! And I don’t blame you at all for your disinterest in Twilight. I’ve seen the movies and they are absolutely horrid.

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  58. My thoughts and prayers to those sincere gerim who wish to be a part of these communities. I could've sworn from my Syrian Yom Kippur Mahzor that one of the confessions was for not loving the ger. Thrice daily the gerei sedek are mentioned in The Amida. I wish the Chief Sephardic Rabbis would come out with an edict stating that those communities who partake in such views against sincere gerim will have no share in the Messianic times less alone World to Come.

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  60. Hawkins, you are great!! i dont know if i have told you that, but, you are!! You (and debbie) have for sure been an inspiration in my life and a constant example. When the going gets tough you guys push through and make a not so great situation into even a greater one!!! I look forward to hanging out with your family more in the future and watching you grow into more amazing people!!! 2011 will be a fabulous year!!!! Cheers to you!

  61. Things are well. I LOVE spring, and it has finally arrived here. Ahhhh, just call me a sunflower. Busy too, sewing up a storm so I can finish my charity quilt in time to hand it into my guild. (Very proud of this one, too, I combined two patterns and added some tweaks, and I think it looks adorable.)

  62. Alec,The issue isn’t whether Congresspeople can read a nepwpaser or not some of them obviously can’t. But in this case, they shouldn’t have to. The Executive branch doesn’t get to have their execution squads without letting Congress know it’s the Executive Branch’s *responsibility* to let them know, not just an option or that would be nice if .Again, checks and balances, which are the foundation for our Constitution.

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  74. There is no need to demonize blacks to make the point. Republicans should simply say, "If you want to do more to help African Americans, you should vote for the Democrats—they are the party of the African Americans. We Republicans believe that everyone should be treated equally regardless of race." That is all you need to say. It would be very hard for anyone to denounce that as a racist statement.

  75. What a dear lady. What a tribute, with grace, you gave her. She was a JOY almost all the time. She visited in our home when we lived in Virginia….driving that little red car that we all saw so many times. At her estate sale, I bought the four blocks that spell “JOY”. I remember seeing them on her mantle. Annessa bought one of her Bibles. She uses it constantly with her children and as a reference book. She loves reading her “markings”.I love your BLOG.

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